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The Rubbish Bag Co has been providing green waste collection and removals to the Sunshine Coast region for more than 35 years.

Family Owned and operated during all these years, we can make collections 4 weekly, 8 weekly or usually to meet your needs. Our core business is supply of garden bags with 4 weekly collections. Our rubbish disposal service is ideal for the removal of lawn clippings, palm fronds and tree prunings on a regular basis, but also extends to bulk rubbish removal including paper and cardboard.

With a simple phone call, we will organise a time to deliver and set up bags ready for you to use. Our stress-free pick-up times are also flexible to make your day-to -day life easier. We will dispose of your green waste and rubbish properly, making the trip to the tip for you. We recycle anything that can be recycled and work with local council to ensure carbon footprint is as minimal as can be.

All of our garden and bulk rubbish collection services are competitively priced and provide an easy solution to your waste removal needs.


  • Bags and frames are owned by The Rubbish Bag Co (unless other arrangements i.e. purchased by client) at all times
  • Bags are NOT to be removed from the frames
  • Bags are NOT to be emptied by any other person other than The Rubbish Bag Co
  • Bags and frames are NOT to be moved from property to property without notification to The Rubbish Bag Co for approval to do so
  • Any damage to the bags and frames other than fair wear and tear will need to be met by the client at a cost of $15 per bag and $30 per frame. These costs will be added to your invoice.
  • Garden bag is strictly for garden waste only which includes lawn clippings, palm fronds, small to med branches, shrub pruning, hedge trimmings, leaves, weeds, grass and so on.
  • DO NOT put dirt, soil, rocks, concrete, bricks, tiles, tyres, glass, animal excrement, plastic, cardboard, paper, cans, flower pots or general rubbish of ANY kind in the bag - garden waste only (see above).
  • If other items are placed in the bag, additional costs may be incurred by the client as these will need to be removed. MINIMUM cost of removal is an additional $25 per bag.
  • Cardboard and general rubbish can be collected separately, or by using a bag ONLY containing these items. Phone for clarification BEFORE putting in the bag. If in doubt, DO NOT put in the bag. A different cost applies to bags containing only cardboard or general rubbish.
  • DO NOT overfill the bag. Bag needs to be moved and flaps of bag need to be able to be securely closed while moving to prevent contents spilling. Bag weight limit is 80 kg. Additional costs may be incurred by the client if over this limit or bag is unable to be moved.
  • Garden bags do not need to be full for a collection to take place. If you do not need a collection, you need to notify us at least the day before the scheduled collection is due. If we don't hear from you we assume you need the collection, will stop and charge for it.
  • Extra pick ups are available at the same price. Please notify us if needed and we'll organise to do it as soon as possible. In view we cover all the Sunshine Coast and work in different areas each day, we'll get there as soon as we can, but not usually the same day.
  • Collections are done 4 weekly or if arranged 8 weekly. Please note 4 weekly is different to 'monthly'.
  • Each pickup you will receive an invoice in your letterbox showing your payment details and next pickup date. Payments for bag collection needs to be either on day of collection (if paying in case) or within 7 days. You are welcome to pay in advance. Accounts details are found in bottom left hand side of invoice. Please state invoice number or address of property as reference for the payment.
  • If you are moving please notify us and allow sufficient time for relocation or removal of the bag and frame. A call as you drive away isn't considered sufficient notice.
  • The Rubbish Bag Co reserves the right to engage a debt collection agency at your expense if there are any unpaid invoices over due. Failure to pay legitimate amounts owing may result in us registering the default with a credit reporting agency.